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& Emerson Ecologics

Fullscript is a health and wellness company that provides technology solutions for integrative healthcare practitioners. Emerson Ecologics is a wholesale vitamin and supplement distributor.


Fullscript and Emerson Ecologics are partnered to provide vitamins, supplements, and virtual solutions for over 100,000 practitioners.

Industry: Health & Wellness

Date: 2017-2024

Role: Permanent & Contract

Software: Figma, Adobe, HubSpot, and Wordpress

In a permanent capacity as Design Manager, owner Brooke LeBeau guided Emerson Ecologics through several rebranding exercises and crafted dozens of marketing campaigns and ongoing programs.  


In 2022, Emerson Ecologics was acquired by Fullscript. LeBeau transitioned to a contract role and has worked with the Fullscript team to support transition efforts and work in parallel with the design team on marketing overflow.

Emerson Ecologics Brand Management

Over the course of 5 years, owner Brooke LeBeau nurtured the Emerson Ecologics brand through numerous brand evolution exercises. The 2021 brand book reflects the final state of the brand at the time of the company's acquisition to Fullscript.

View the brand book >

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Web Design & Landing Pages

Webpage platforms for Emerson Ecologics were built by LeBeau in Wordpress and HubSpot, along with email marketing efforts to support campaigns.

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Trade Shows

For 3 years, LeBeau budgeted, coordinated, and executed all trade show events for Emerson Ecologics. During that time and beyond it, LeBeau also designed booth artwork and supporting event collateral. 

View the booth design >

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As an in-house marketing resource, LeBeau designed a variety of print and digital collateral for Emerson Ecologics and coordinated printing with the company's preferred vendors.

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"Our new branding is so awesome and looks great on all of our collateral. Working with Brooke [Artfully Creative Studio] is a dream."

Alyssa Dver, Founder & Chair

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